My Brain Needs a Challenge

What bores you? I think my mother got real fed up with my, “I’m booooorrrrred,” growing up. Decades later, my brain trainer discovered the problem with me and boredom. Normally, as I understand it, they set the neurofeedback parameters to challenge the brain but not too much. When it’s too challenging, the client can’t do…

Gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE Week Two Progress

Week one of gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE (audiovisual entrainment) a good start to my single-subject study to see if AVE can replace gamma-brainwave training via brain biofeedback during COVID-19. Week Two:

Gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE Week One Progress

See my post Gamma 38 to 42Hz Audiovisual Entrainment for Brain Injury, Single Subject Study for hypothesis and methodology of this one-month study to see if gamma brainwave audiovisual entrainment will improve functionality and decrease anxiety and vigilance during COVID-19.

Gamma 38 to 42Hz Audiovisual Entrainment for Brain Injury, Single Subject Study

Introduction In 2012, following my inclusion in and subsequent exit from a drug trial that increases GABA in the brain, the ADD Centre, working with me, demonstrated that brain biofeedback of 39 to 42Hz at CZ can increase gamma brainwaves and effect radical improvement in a person with brain injury. You can find the research…

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Thoughts on Designing Gamma Audiovisual Entrainment Experiment

I’ve tried all three of the gamma audiovisual entrainment (AVE) sessions on Mind Alive’s DAVID Delight Pro device and have enough information to start developing an hypothesis and methodology. I began this experiment because COVID-19 pandemic disrupted my weekly or three-times-a-month gamma brainwave biofeedback sessions at the ADD Centre. It soon became apparent that in…