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Concussion Is Brain Injury

Treating the Neurons and Me

In 2000, two drivers slammed into the car Shireen Jeejeebhoy was in. Her brain bounced inside her skull; the person she’d been died. This is her journey of searching for treatments to heal her dead neurons and herself. This is her message: You are not alone.

Memoir and Learnings

“the intricate details of the author’s experience are riveting and enlightening.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Beautifully written first person account of life after a brain injury. . . . Shireen describes in detail the changes in her life after her brain injury, her family’s reaction (spoiler alert: not helpful!), and the extensive treatment regimen that finally helped improve her functioning. This is a must read for anyone with a brain injury and anyone who is close to someone with a brain injury.” — Amazon Customer

In the year 2000, I was in a car crash. I emerged walking and talking, but the person I’d been was forever gone. Although no one knew it at the time, I’d sustained a concussion. The repercussions of that injury have shaped my life ever since.

Many believe a concussion is a mild injury, when in truth it is a traumatic brain injury in which the brain bangs about inside the skull. If not identified or treated within the first 48 hours, the injury can lead to secondary symptoms (euphemistically named post-concussive syndrome) that require years of rehabilitation.

Traditional rehabilitation, involving cognitive therapy and rest, were ineffective. In addition to lost neurons, I was quickly losing my social connections and relationships. The concussion was threatening to cut me off from the world.

Then I found effective treatments. I share my life-changing discoveries to give hope to all those seeking healing from concussions or any catastrophic brain injury.

Mental Breaks and Brain Injury

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