Concussion Is Brain Injury


The long march back to life from “just” a concussion

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This is my story about brain injury, a hidden epidemic. Scroll down or click the Order menu tab for all availabilities. Breaking News: I am crowdfunding an update. Please check it out!

A long time ago, I suffered a brain injury, a “closed head injury” as the diagnosing doctor called it. All that had happened was that my brain had smacked around inside my skull like Jell-O inside a corrugated, shark-tooth infested bowl. Upon my diagnosis, the first thing the doctor said to me was: “You must write a book on this! It’s a hidden epidemic, and you need to get the word out!” (quoted from my book Concussion Is Brain Injury)

Well, okay, then. I have at last.

In the year 2000, I died. Not physically, but the person that I was, was gone due to a hidden epidemic: concussion. “Concussion” sounds mild but often is not. It is a traumatic brain injury.

Traditional rehabilitation of strategies and rest was not enough for me. I wanted this hidden injury healed; I wanted the plethora of problems from it, especially the cognitive ones, treated. I wanted to return to society. And so began my long quest to find good treatments. In Concussion Is Brain Injury, I share my journey and discoveries to tell those who’ve survived “just” a concussion, who care for survivors, or who want to know more, that there is hope.

My main credential to write this book is as a person with a brain injury. But I also drew on my education and experience. I am trained in the scientific method and have experience in designing, conducting, analyzing, and writing up research papers. I began working in the research field when a teenager. I worked six summers at the University of Toronto in a nutrition lab, assisting in science, animal, and human subject experiments and learnt much about laboratory research methods. As part of my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Toronto, I studied physiology and neurophysiology, I did an original-research thesis on reducing inattention in a child with attention deficit disorder, and conducted a year-long study on food perception in various eating populations and wrote the Abstract. I was hired as a research officer for a government of Ontario task force on the strength and quality of my research work; I created and analyzed surveys as well as did investigative research. For Lifeliner, I conducted over sixty interviews, read the literature, and waded through a massive amount of medical data.

Concussion Is Brain Injury has spent many years in incubation and is happy to be birthed through Iguana Books of Toronto as both a paperback and ebook. Available now through Iguana Books and major online retailers. If, like me, you have trouble reading, I’d recommend the ebook. Ebooks are much easier to read.


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