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Front cover 300dpiLifeliner: The Judy Taylor Story

Formats: Hardcover, Trade Paperback, eBook on Smashwords, Amazon, Apple’s iTunes, and other online bookstores

First published: iUniverse, 2007

Synopsis: Judy Taylor, a young woman, mother, and wife, fell ill suddenly, went to the ER, and a week later all her bowels were gone. She didn’t eat again for 20 years but thrived in her new life and helped thousands around the world do so as well. Watch the Trailer

Formats: eBook on Smashwords, Amazon (with preview), Apple’s iTunes, kobo, and B&N Nook.
Synopsis: An entity from nothing space and time invades a young Toronto songwriter, consuming her, changing her into his image forever. She fights to resist him, to expel him and in doing so discovers where evil really resides.

A Nibble of Chocolate

Formats: eBook on Smashwords, Apple’s iTunes, kobo, and B&N Nook.Synopsis:A brief history and look at the surprising nutritional qualities of chocolate. In a cocoa pod shell: chocolate is good for you. And it’s tasty too, as the included yummy cookie recipe attests.

How to Get Free HDTV
The best high-definition TV is over the air (OTA) because the signal is not compressed. Best of all it’s free. I write about how to get it and set it up.

Convert Your Old Analogue TV to Digital
With the switch to all-digital television, our old TV sets no longer bring US channels in. Learn how to convert your existing TV to bring in the new super-clear channels. Canada will be switching over in 2011.
How to Autograph Your Book
A practical guide for new authors unsure about the whole book signing thing. This is my most popular article.
Starting a CafePress Shop
A how-to guide for setting up and adding products to a Basic Shop in CafePress.

Santa Claus Comes to Town
Angelica (on Wattpad)
The Chopper Trip into the Yukon
Happy Canada Day
The Toronto Public Library Challenges Users
Eleven Shorts +1

Formats: ebook on Smashwords, Apple’s iTunes, kobo, B&N Nook, and Amazon(with preview).

Synopsis: Eleven short stories set in Toronto from a little girl adjusting to life in Canada to death and mayhem in the alleys and parks. Bonus: a romance of suspense set in 1919 England.

CIBI Print Cover by Iguana Jane Goodwin Drop Shadow Shireen JeejeebhoyConcussion Is Brain Injury

Formats: Trade paperback and ebook

Synopsis: In the year 2000, I died. Not physically, but the person that I was, was gone due to a hidden epidemic: concussion. “Concussion” sounds mild but often is not. It is a traumatic brain injury. And I set out to treat it not just manage it.

Aban’s Accension

Format: Wattpad

Synopsis: Aban is her name. She comes from a small Ontario town, the only child of two still-together parents who own a crystal and kitschy shop and expect her to work there under them. She falls mindlessly in with their wishes until the day she receives a letter from a city lawyer telling her that her grandmother has left her her house and all her assets. She didn’t even know her grandmother was alive. As she reels from the shock of that news, unexpected questions pop up: why had her parents let her think her grandmother was dead; why had they tossed her out of their lives; why did they live in a small town and no longer Toronto? Against her parents’ wishes, she goes to see this inheritance of bricks and mortar. A mysterious man called “El” opens the door to her, welcomes her in, and insists they have a wedding to go to. She decides to stay, and life for her becomes decidedly unfamiliar.

Coming UpTime and Space (a Sci Fi time travel novel).

The Job Sessions

Formats: eBook on Smashwords, Apple’s iTunes, kobo, and B&N Nook.Synopsis: After studying the Book of Job in the Old Testament of the Bible and creating a series of six sessions designed to help readers understand and be transformed by this powerful book of poetry and prose that speaks to sufferers everywhere, I put together this eBook version of the entire series. It includes the original images and links to all the handouts.