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The essential element in the knowledge economy. Key element in the virtual office. The seat of pleasure. And lost to brain injury. I write about regaining book reading, and I pen book reviews.


The output of our thoughts and imaginations, writing communicates. In short tweets, newspaper-length articles, or books, I write to breathe, advocate for healing brain injury, and entertain.


The instinctive expression of our souls, photography arouses, expresses what we cannot put into words. I photograph, play with images, create collages, and decorate merchandise with my images.

My Tweets
Fictional Louise’s TTC Tweets
My Photography and Art

See the photos, images, videos I’ve shot, photoshopped, and played with over the years. I began with a Minolta Maxxum, switched to a Nikon Coolpix, and now use an iPhone and Nikon D80.

Bookbub is the place to be apparently. So I have a place there for my books.

Wattpad is a place for writers to test out their new stories and readers to wade in to a cornucopia of textual riches for free. I have a couple of stories on there, including my TTC satire Louise and The Men of Transit.

My first blog was anonymous. My lawyer gave me a list of no-go topics when I started it, and since I “came out” in 2008, I’ve pretty much stuck to politics, media, food, Toronto life, and sundry items, especially my current obsession, the TTC.

Are you a reader on Goodreads? Check out my Author Page!

I’ve read a few books and wrote a few reviews. Ever since I relearnt to read with comprehension in late 2018, I’ve been reading like I used to and no longer need to write reviews as quickly as possible or keep notes. I can wait a few weeks, let a book digest, then write the review on Goodreads. Or you can read some older reviews on my site.

I haven’t written short stories since my brain injury, but I wrote quite a few before it! Have a gander.

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