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See the photos, images, videos I’ve shot, photoshopped, and played with over the years. I began with a Minolta Maxxum, switched to a Nikon Coolpix, and now use an iPhone and Nikon D80.

Bookbub is the place to be apparently. So I have a place there for my books.

Wattpad is a place for writers to test out their new stories and readers to wade in to a cornucopia of textual riches for free. I have a couple of stories on there, including my TTC satire Louise and The Men of Transit.

My first blog was anonymous. My lawyer gave me a list of no-go topics when I started it, and since I “came out” in 2008, I’ve pretty much stuck to politics, media, food, Toronto life, and sundry items, especially my current obsession, the TTC.

Are you a reader on Goodreads? Check out my Author Page!

I’ve read a few books and wrote a few reviews. Ever since I relearnt to read with comprehension in late 2018, I’ve been reading like I used to and no longer need to write reviews as quickly as possible or keep notes. I can wait a few weeks, let a book digest, then write the review on Goodreads. Or you can read some older reviews on my site.

I haven’t written short stories since my brain injury, but I wrote quite a few before it! Have a gander.

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