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Shireen Jeejeebhoy

Shireen Jeejeebhoy is an artist, author, and blogger. She obtained a B.Sc. in psychology from the University of Toronto, launched into writing and computer programming, and slammed and somersaulted into the unknown life of brain injury.

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Concussion Is Brain Injury


Beautifully written first person account of life after a brain injury. . . . This is a must read for anyone with a brain injury and anyone who is close to someone with a brain injury.



A compelling story. . . . Reading it will make you laugh, smile, cringe, cry and most importantly, think. If you want inspiration, Lifeliner has no shortage packed into its pages.



Put simply this is the best urban fantasy story that I have ever read period. From word one I was hooked into this tale, possessed by it if you will.

Aban's Accension


Thankfully, and to the author’s credit, avoids religiosity and preachiness . . . With this approach, Jeejeebhoy lets Aban’s Accension remain a gentle allegory, which may play in the reader’s consciousness (as it has mine) for weeks or months.

Time and Space


What an amazing journey into the future! . . . There are some interesting future technologies: I loved that scene with the elimination vessel, and I wouldn’t mind trying those shoes! . . . I couldn’t stop reading until the end.

Concussion Is Brain Injury


The book is divided into chapters where some are like a novel because she is telling us her thoughts through this nightmare and then [others] more like science information . . . [others] to give encouragement and advice to those who suffer from the same condition. A very brave woman.

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Psychology Today my top five posts

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain Injury Grief is Extraordinary Grief

We are beginning to understand the nature of grief from brain injury.

Brain Storm Play scene Kate sitting alone

COVID-19 Welcomes the World to Brain Injury-Type Isolation

A virus shows the world what life is like for their injured friends and family.

Gull at Woodbine Beach on Lake Ontario shore

Marriage Breakdown After Brain Injury

What do therapists need to know to help ailing marriages after brain injury?

Telogen Effluvium, aka Stress-Induced Hair Loss

Did you know a concussion affects hair?

The How of Loving Detachment

After brain injury, how do you disengage from people who make you feel worse?

See the photos, images, videos I’ve shot, photoshopped, and played with over the years. I began with a Minolta Maxxum, switched to a Nikon Coolpix, and now use an iPhone and Nikon D80.

Bookbub is the place to be apparently. So I have a place there for my books.

Wattpad is a place for writers to test out their new stories and readers to wade in to a cornucopia of textual riches for free. I have a couple of stories on there, including my TTC satire Louise and The Men of Transit.

My first blog was anonymous. My lawyer gave me a list of no-go topics when I started it, and since I “came out” in 2008, I’ve pretty much stuck to politics, media, food, Toronto life, and sundry items, especially my current obsession, the TTC.

Are you a reader on Goodreads? Check out my Author Page!

I’ve read a few books and wrote a few reviews. Ever since I relearnt to read with comprehension in late 2018, I’ve been reading like I used to and no longer need to write reviews as quickly as possible or keep notes. I can wait a few weeks, let a book digest, then write the review on Goodreads. Or you can read some older reviews on my site.

I haven’t written short stories since my brain injury, but I wrote quite a few before it! Have a gander.