Aban’s Accension

An unexpected inheritance. A mysterious tenant. A life change.
An unexpected inheritance. A mysterious tenant. A life change.

Featured on Wattpad in 2013, Aban’s Accension garnered a following: “I had a hard time stopping reading.” – a reader

“I’m El. Your grandmother’s tenant. I’ve been waiting for you your whole life and hoped you would come today.” (quoted from Aban’s Accension)

Coddled and controlled, living a sheltered life with her parents in a small town, Aban receives  a surprising letter one day: Her grandmother has left her a house in the wicked big city of Toronto with a mysterious male tenant.

In a spurt of unexpected independence, Aban disobeys her parents to visit the lawyer who wrote her, intending only to see her inheritance, intending to return home. But she discovers her grandmother, whom she’d long considered dead, had only just died and that her parents were not the people she’d thought them. Pulled by a feeling she doesn’t understand, she moves into her inheritance.

And what she finds upends her life and everything she has believed.

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