She title in lime green on either side of CN Tower rising above cityscape. in silhouette. Purple clouds in background.


A finalist for the 2012 The Word Guild Awards, Novel – Futuristic Category, this is a novel about evil, betrayed friendship, and the fight for identity.

An entity from nothing space and time invades a young Toronto songwriter, consuming her, changing her into his image forever. She fights to resist him, to expel him. And in doing so, she discovers where evil really resides

An Urban Fantasy Novel

She is the eternal tale of betrayal and friendship, driven by an evil entity who invades their brains. This urban fantasy will hook you from word one.

“She doesn’t know how long she’s been lying on the couch. She pushes herself up and walks over to her staircase in the dark and flips the light switch. Fluorescent light floods the upper hallway, revealing Smokey sitting at the top bathed in the reflected glow of the violet walls, blinking inscrutably at her. Up she ascends, one step at a time, to her music room as Smokey descends quickly and disappears. The house is so quiet; she needs to hear music, feel the smooth keys under her long, delicate fingers as she plays Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.…But first where is middle C?”

From nothing space and time, Akaesman lurks in his dominion, waiting, watching through his peephole into our world for the right prey. And when he spots a good one, he forces himself into our space and time, evading the Akaesman patrol, violently invading his chosen one. He overtakes everyone, one by one, male and female, changing them forever into his image, evil just like him.

But the young songwriter and her fiancé, enjoying the end of their road trip, have never heard of Akaesman.

On the eve of the summer solstice, they fly home to Toronto down a local highway past slumbering fields, toward a thick starlight-sucking forest, oblivious of their destination: Akaesman. He comes out of a green neon wind. He smacks their car; he cracks the window; he’s in her. Her songwriting career is dead. Her name is gone.

When the young songwriter learns of his presence, she resists him; she wrestles with him; she seeks help in her battle. But no one can help cure the evil that is feeding off of her. And when her friends and fiancé turn their backs on her, she realizes the worst type of evil: betrayal.

“Put simply, this is the best urban fantasy story that I have ever read period….One of [its] greatest attributes is how mysterious everything is within its pages. ‘She’ is a tale that will entice from the very first word right to the very last.” — Shane Porteous on Goodreads.

Escape Space/Time

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