Storygarden Summit

I signed up for the Storygarden Summit on a whim. I’d enjoyed Plottr’s writing craft book club on Story Genius so much I wanted to keep inside the writing sphere. I’m so glad I signed up! I haven’t worked on my novels or books for over a year. Too many other things going on, and…

Circling Story

Story. Stories. Storytelling. Beats the heart of the novel. I’d never thought of how it’s the story not the writing that makes a novel a novel until I began reading on Thursday night Story Genius by Lisa Cron when I was two-thirds of the way through Madeleine L’Engle’s memoir A Circle of Quiet. A week…

Psychology Today Post for January: Anniversary View of Fictional Brain Injury

Personal Perspective: Recovery is more than restoring neurons. Pre-existing insults to the brain and social support matter too. Intelligence Alone Doesn’t Mean You’ll Question Out-of-Date Knowledge A doctor once told me I’m doing better than 90 percent of those with brain injury. Even so, after 24 years, I’ve still not fully recovered. Sarah [in the…

My 24th Car Crash-Brain Injury Anniversary

I cannot comprehend that I have lived longer as an adult with brain injury than I did without one. My new life with catastrophic brain injury began on this day almost a quarter century ago.

Dental Health Recovery After Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can impair both saliva composition and production, leading to tooth decay. Better cooperation between medicine and dentistry could prevent increased damage.