May 132011
Lifeliner: Podcast 29, 30, And Epilogue

Jeej leaves the country on business, and Judy fades. She’s had a longer life than she’d ever thought possible back in 1970, and she decides it’s time to say good-bye. Yet death is not the end. And her life is not the beginning and end of TPN. Her example, her courage, her life inspired others […]

May 072011
Lifeliner: Podcast 28, Despair

Cliff finds Judy dying in Toronto General Hospital. Panicked, he phones Jeej at his home. Jeej is astounded, but advises Cliff to transfer her to St. Michael’s Hospital if he wants him to look after her. Within hours, Judy is at the Queen Street hospital, and Jeej is there with his residents and the nurses. […]

May 062011
Lifeliner: Podcast 27, Dr. Cowboy, Where Are You?

Some change is not good. Judy’s doctor, the man who saved her life and kept her alive for almost two decades, has moved to a new hospital. Worse, the TPN program did not move with him because Toronto General Hospital fought for and won the battle to keep it. While Jeej works to train people […]

Apr 152011
Lifeliner: Podcast 26, LifelineLetter Award

“It was like travelling with a celebrity,” Marlene told me when I was interviewing her about Judy Taylor. Nowhere was that more true than on their road trips down to New York state for the annual Oley conferences. Judy loved those conferences, meeting fellow patients, being able to travel with her friends from Toronto General […]

Apr 082011
Lifeliner: Chapter 25 Podcast

In this chapter, Judy starts experiencing the consequences of too little nutrient knowledge early in her life on TPN. Back in the late 1960s/early 1970s, not much was known about Vitamin D given intravenously; because of Judy, they discovered the requirements are much less in TPN than in a normal food diet. At first, it […]

Mar 252011
Lifeliner: Chapter 23 Podcast

Judy fears bugs, the viral or bacterial kind, even a cold. For bugs can kill her. She takes pains to avoid them. Somehow though, she catches one. She quickly spirals down, and Cliff races her down the highways to Toronto General Hospital and Jeej. It’s touch and go. The entire hospital hears about it and […]

Mar 232011
Lifeliner: Chapter 22 Podcast, More Family Trouble

The fall out from Judy being absent for so long and then her life being one where death was ever present, continues. First Miriam leaves home, then Julie springs a surprise on her parents. Judy goes through a raft of emotions, but she never loses contact with her girls. Chapter Twenty-Two: More Family Trouble

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