May 212012
Kouign Amann, The First Time

I was flipping through David Lebovitz’s Flipboard articles on my iPad when I came across a recipe for Kouign Amann. I’d never heard of it before, but the photos, his descriptions – I wanted! I had the ingredients on hand. I read and reread the recipe. I studied the comments from people who’d actually tried […]

Mar 072011
An Egg-White Frittata To Die For

Diabetes. Cholesterol. These are the words that send a person to the cupboard searching for what to make that will taste good but not shoot up that glucose, those dreaded triglycerides, or the ever-bad word, cholesterol. Frittata to the rescue. Or to be precise, an egg-white-frittata. A vegetarian frittata made with all egg whites, provides […]

Feb 182011
Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Bread, originally uploaded by Points North. Well, over a month ago, I saw this tweet from David Lebovitz, an American pastry chef in Paris: It’s like chocolate cake, only breader! The pun was irresistible. I had to check it out. Like Cook’s Illustrated magazine, he shows through yummy photographs and writes about the steps […]

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Feb 162011
Cocoa Coconut Banana Cupcakes

So there it sat: the small banana ripening at warp speed, too ripe too fast, meaning all it was good for was banana cake. But I only had the one. And I wasn’t in the mood for banana cake. No, what I wanted was chocolate. Deep, dark, mind-altering chocolate. I also had some leftover light […]

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