Leaving Twitter and Facebook

I’ve been putting off this moment — leaving Twitter and Facebook — but it’s time to say bye to Twitter and Facebook. I’m not deactivating my accounts, but I’ve become so uncomfortable posting even article links that I can’t anymore, tho I’m missing my peeps very much. I’ve been on Tw since 2008, FB 2007.

The Writing Workshop Life

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Not sure why but this year, I’ve impulsed my way into writing workshops, events, and this week a series of conversations on the artisan author. I think my subconscious decided I needed a kick to get back into novelling. And it worked. The retrofitting ended…almost…but it took a year longer than planned, and technical and…

Low Back on Twitchy Strike

What does the low back do? You quickly find out when it goes on strike aka locks up, tightens on every movement, or contracts back and abdominal muscles suddenly.

Solar Eclipse 2024, Toronto Cloudy Version

Solar eclipse 2024 makes four. Yup, I’ve now witnessed four solar eclipses! My first one remains my most memorable. The 2024 one the most disappointing. But I still got pix!

Storygarden Summit

I signed up for the Storygarden Summit on a whim. I’d enjoyed Plottr’s writing craft book club on Story Genius so much I wanted to keep inside the writing sphere. I’m so glad I signed up! I haven’t worked on my novels or books for over a year. Too many other things going on, and…


Decisions require emotions, so writes Lisa Cron in Story Genius. Maybe that’s why for years my decision-making skill vanished. It returned bit by bit. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, I asked fewer and fewer people for advice. Yeah, I had fewer to ask, but I also told myself not to ask every single person I knew but…

Memory of Portraiture

Cleaning out the upper part of my antique desk — a task decades overdue! — a photo fell into my hands. I paused; I stared at it as memory returned. Not long before the car crash that injured my brain, I began to focus on portrait photography in natural light. I took a series with…

Circling Story

Story. Stories. Storytelling. Beats the heart of the novel. I’d never thought of how it’s the story not the writing that makes a novel a novel until I began reading on Thursday night Story Genius by Lisa Cron when I was two-thirds of the way through Madeleine L’Engle’s memoir A Circle of Quiet. A week…