Time and Space

Time and Space Cover
Kidnapped into the future, Time must fight to return to her present or die.

 Hands grab my shoulders, my arms, my waist. They twist my skirt up. A faint thuck-thuck sounds as my iPod touch clatters to the concrete from my shot-open hand. Shock silences my scream and freezes my arms and legs. The foreign hands drag me down the alleyway. Too late, my vocal chords vibrate, for we’re not in the alleyway anymore. We’re in a white place where the white walls hum into the space. (quoted from Time and Space)

Time and Space is about an ordinary woman turning 40 whose life suddenly undergoes a dramatic change as she’s on her way to her safe, boring job.

Three boys kidnap her and take her to their present: a lab in the future. Their prof is not amused. The boys had promised never again to kidnap people from the past, he reminds them. He orders them to leave her where they took the others: her future, their past. The Nasty Time, they call it. But while they leave her alone in order to prep the time travel cube, a bikini-clad girl slips in and tells her how to build a time machine to get back home. But it’s all gibberish to Time, and she doesn’t want to learn . . . until the boys dump her in The Nasty Time. It’s 2411. She’s still turning 40. And she wants to go home.

Time and Space is available as an ebook and paperback.


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