Life Before the Internet

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Do you remember life before the internet? I do remember life before the internet, but I was an early adopter, so that was a loooong time ago. I used my father’s University of Toronto email account to email an American friend until came on the scene. Then someone, I forget who, got in touch…

Learning Is Forever

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow. As I read this prompt, I immediately thought of the day I decided to call the ADD Centre and said “yes” to attending there for their expensive assessment and treatment program. Their program was outside any kind of medicine that I…

Gamma Update and Changes

I’ve been using gamma brainwave audiovisual entrainment since April with the Mind Alive’s DAVID Delight Pro device. On May 18, I switched it up to gamma 38-42Hz on Mondays and Fridays and SMR/gamma on Tuesdays and Thursdays and maintained the effect. My writing and photography work went down because I began using my cognitive energy…

Gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE Week Two Progress

Week one of gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE (audiovisual entrainment) a good start to my single-subject study to see if AVE can replace gamma-brainwave training via brain biofeedback during COVID-19. Week Two:

Gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE Week One Progress

See my post Gamma 38 to 42Hz Audiovisual Entrainment for Brain Injury, Single Subject Study for hypothesis and methodology of this one-month study to see if gamma brainwave audiovisual entrainment will improve functionality and decrease anxiety and vigilance during COVID-19.