Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief

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Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief

How to Heal When You Are Alone

Twenty plus years of journeying alone to find treatments that heal, doing the work to recover her neurons, led Shireen Jeejeebhoy towards recovery’s final destination: healing relationship trauma and facing brain injury grief.

In this compassionate self-help map, she provides explanations, stories, and Action Plans to help the reader step onto the road to reclaiming their life and healing emotionally; regain their self-confidence to self-advocate; and benefit from neurostimulation and neuromodulation therapies for their neurons.

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The Self-Help Book
For People with Brain Injury

Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief is the self-help book people with brain injury have been waiting for. Shireen Jeejeebhoy draws on her experience seeking treatments that heal neurons and post-traumatic stress disorder. She’s done the research to provide a guide for people looking to recover from brain injury and the accompanying trauma and brain injury grief. Brain injury grief is barely addressed by health care professionals, but having personally experienced it and having to develop her own therapeutic process to heal, she provides step-by-step Action Plans to start the healing.

Standard care focuses on strategies and rest yet diminishes the emotional trauma that accompanies the aftermath of living with a brain injury—and the effect of not healing the neurons.

Loneliness seeps into every corner of life. One traumatic event or a series changed your future. Family and friends changed their behavior, consciously or subconsciously pulling away, not having the tools or wherewithal to help.

Jeejeebhoy understands what you are really looking for is recovery that’s true recovery. Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief offers hope, inspiration, and actionable tools to help you cope with the emotional strain of brain injury, heal your grief and treat your neurons, and discover forgiveness, healing, and light in the darkness.

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