Memory of Portraiture

Cleaning out the upper part of my antique desk — a task decades overdue! — a photo fell into my hands. I paused; I stared at it as memory returned. Not long before the car crash that injured my brain, I began to focus on portrait photography in natural light. I took a series with…

A Question of Being: First Thoughts on A Circle of Quiet

Brain injury throws the question of “Who am I?” into chaos. According to Madeleine L’Engle in her memoir A Circle of Quiet, the self is becoming. Not static but ever changing. Brain injury both reverses and accelerates this process and asks of us a question of being.

My 24th Car Crash-Brain Injury Anniversary

I cannot comprehend that I have lived longer as an adult with brain injury than I did without one. My new life with catastrophic brain injury began on this day almost a quarter century ago.

Left Neglected: A Book Review

Left Neglected is a novel about an intelligent, driven, Type A woman, Sarah Nickerson, who crashes her car and injures her brain due to driver distraction. My review from a brain injury perspective.

Birthday Gift to Myself

Birthdays aren’t usually a topic on my blog, but this year, the sun is out, the sky is blue, my life has been upended for over a year, and I’m musing over this ⤵️ What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found (and kept)? My reading. Yeah, I know “found (and kept)” denotes an object. But…

Screen Time Is Me Time

But is it? Isn’t screen time more like social time? How do you manage screen time for yourself? I don’t have timers or use apps that block surfing or social media. I have a routine instead. Way way back, I used to take one day off from all things digital and computer because my “addiction”…

Lazy or Resting?

“Lazy days” connotes slow summertime, feet propped up, a book in hand. But is it really resting? Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive? In the time before brain injury, lazy days felt like a reward for a week filled with study, reports, phone calls, meetings, and meeting expectations and deadlines. They usually…

Dental Health Recovery After Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can impair both saliva composition and production, leading to tooth decay. Better cooperation between medicine and dentistry could prevent increased damage.

Universe Hates Me Chronicles

Twitter is Xed. My hot water tank that gushed water was replaced by a Giant-manufacturer-dented tank that the customer service supervisor doesn’t want to replace with an undamaged one since transport companies have a habit of bunging up a tank en route from factory to Toronto and so they can’t get me the energy efficient…