Formal Launch of SHE

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She is the classic tale of betrayal and friendship – with an evil entity thrown into the mix. Akaesman is that evil entity. And a young Toronto songwriter is his latest prey. Akaesman violently invades her and tries to make her into his image forever. Her career dies. Her name is gone. And then as her friends and fiancé turn their backs on her as she fights to resist Akaesman, she realizes the worst kind of evil: betrayal. That’s when her real battle for life begins.

Put simply this is the best urban fantasy story that I have ever read period….you feel exactly how the main character feels. “She” is written with a pace that makes you feel every single word combined with hauntingly beautiful descriptions to forge a story that is anything but forgettable. That is the mark of a truly talented writer, someone who tells a story that you feel as opposed to reading words on a cold piece of paper.

One of the greatest attributes of “She” (One of many I might add) is how mysterious everything is within its pages. Considering that this story is done in the real world that is quite an accomplishment.” From the five-star review by Shane Porteous on

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve officially launched She now that it’s been rolled out to all the online bookstores and ebook stores, with the exception of Chapters and kobo, those Canadian bookstores that boast how they support Canadian authors like, um, me. I’ve emailed all my real-life contacts and have given up on trying to find where Facebook has hidden its “update Page subscribers” link. Of course, my email program didn’t do what I expected it to with its list feature and blasted everyone’s emails out to the universe. Figures. You spend hours agonizing over wording, preparing the lists, and the software mucks things up. I need a secretary! Or a virtual assistant, the newest kind of human resource for people like me. The hard part is trying not to send duplicates to people because of all the venues I’m announcing through: email, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and websites. To those who get multiple announcements, I apologise. But it’ll probably be a year before I do something like this again, about when my next novel comes out.

If you haven’t checked out She yet, I invite you to read a sample (scroll down to see links), peruse my web page on the novel, or best yet purchase a copy. Please don’t forget to leave a review! Reviews are invaluable. They tell readers who don’t know me that others have not only read one of my books, but they think it’s worth buying too. Reviews encourage readers to buy and try one of my books.

As I roll out She, I’m outlining my third novel and am scrabbling to be ready for National Novel Writing Month 2011. I’m also trying to squeeze revising my second novel in there somewhere. I think I need to clone myself.

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