Virtual Book Tour of She Begins!

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In the old days, authors had to tour bookstores to meet readers. Today, in our connected globe, we tour blogs to meet readers, and we can all say hello from the comfort of our living room couches. I’ve participated in a couple. And on this day, I begin my first virtual book tour,  set up through Orangeberry Book Tours.

Pandora Poikilos created Orangeberry Book Tours in 2010 with the goal of raising awareness for the author and his/her book via social media. So the Orangeberry book tour is more than just blog stops; it includes Twitter blasts, interviews, and other social ways of focussing on both author and book.

We begin with an announcement of my book on tour on Peace from Pieces. Tomorrow and Tuesday, we’ll be blasting She on Twitter.

Please check out stop one of my book tour, the book feature!

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