Orangeberry Tour of TIME AND SPACE Wraps Up

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It’s hard to fight for home when you’re dumped into an alien future with a pack of three boys gunning for your death.

Today, August 31st, is the last day of the 2013 Orangeberry Book Expo, in which I participated with my time travel novel. Time and Space is in row 7 of their Booths. Click on the cover, and you’ll be taken instantly to the Amazon buy page. One-click shopping! Even after the Expo ends today, Time and Space will remain in the Orangeberry bookstore. Check it and their bookstore out today!

And so ends my book tour of Time and Space. Between my exhaustion trying to keep up with daily life, leaving no room for flogging the life out of my tour, and the gods, the sales dived deep under my expectations. I think I need a new cover. But I’m feeling right out of ideas. Or maybe I could use the same concept but different colours or something. Well, I’ll keep that stuffed down deep in my mind where the creative neurons can chew on it while I take the next nine days off. It’s staycation and digital detox time! For those who’ve yet to come across that nugget of a term, a digital detox is when you go offline and off computer and re-enter the analogue world of papers and pens. I’ll be reading or photographing what passes my fancy.

Except for hosting #ABIchat on Monday, September 2, I’ll be back Monday, September 9. Have a great Labour Day holiday everyone! And enjoy your first week back at work or school. I’ll be thinking of you as I lounge around!


Time and Space Goes on a Virtual Book Tour

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New novel, new book tour! I launched Time and Space on 4 June 2013 and sent it off on an Orangeberry book tour at the same time. Today ends the first leg of the book tour, which comprised reviews (to come), guest posts, author interviews, and a #TwitterView!

Day One: Newbie Blast and a Feature on Peace From Pieces.

Day Two: Interview on Mommy Adventures with Ravina.

Day Three: Guest post on How to Research Your Story on Bunny’s Review.

Day Four: More questions for moi on The Reading Cat.

Day Five: Guest post on Finding Your Voice on Blog-A-Licious Authors.

Day Six: Excerpt on Author’s Friend (tis labelled an interview but it’s a sample of the ebook).

Day Seven: #TwitterView!

(If widget showing only questions, click on this link.)

Day Eight: Twitter Blast with @OBBookTours

The next leg of Time and Space‘s Orangeberry Book Tour begins on June 18 with a guest post and will consist of weekly blog stops, with interviews, excerpts, and features!

Buy Now @ Amazon & Smashwords & Kobo


Orangeberry Virtual Book Tour for my Novel She Comes to an End

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Well, that was a busy few weeks touring my first novel She around the blogs and Twitter. I had interviews and guest posts on many blogs, a couple of #TwitterViews, three Twitter Blasts, and best of all, reviews. When I signed up with Orangeberry for their Phoenix 30-day tour, I wanted reviews most of all. And since She had been out awhile, I was able to give them the time they needed to send my ebook around and for bloggers to read them individually or in their book clubs: about six weeks.

This was my first virtual book tour, and it was a tad confusing for me at first. The Starter Kit seemed to lose its way to me in cyberspace. But once I got it, the details were clear insofar as what I needed to do to prepare: answer interview questions, write guest blog posts of about 500 words, and announce on social media that my book tour was coming up. There was a fair amount of writing to do, but the questions were interesting and got me thinking. And the guest post topics were challenging for me as I normally don’t write about writing. I like a challenge. As I was answering and writing, I had to keep in mind which book of mine I was promoting. When I went to do the same for my next book tour for Concussion Is Brain Injury, I had to shift focus from being an author of a novel to being an author of a non-fiction medical memoir.

Once I sent off my answers and posts, I noted the start date in my calendar so that I could be ready to tweet and/or blog about the tour events. I also noted down the dates of the #TwitterViews so that I could answer the questions as they were tweeted. They came at the rate of about one question every half hour over several hours. Much easier to do in real time then catch up later. Plus less overwhelming for your Twitter followers. In the Starter Kit they include the URL of your Author Page. You can see it immediately, well before your tour start date. The first few dates are filled up, and then … nothing. I wasn’t sure if that meant they hadn’t found bloggers to fill the rest of the dates or what. But on the first day of the tour, all those empty dates suddenly got filled. So fear not empty days, they shall be filled. And, as I discovered with my second tour, the dates or events can sometimes change. For example, one day was supposed to be an Author Interview, then it was changed to Book Feature. The Book Feature is your book cover, your Amazon blurb, social media links, buy links to Amazon and Smashwords, Amazon author page and your website, and rating and genre info. It’s a bit disconcerting when you don’t know what to expect, but once you get into the tour, it’s okay. And any time I had questions, I received a reply pretty quickly. That went too if by the end of the day (they ask you to wait to see your event show up on a blog because of time zone differences etc.) I hadn’t seen my guest post or interview, I emailed to ask where it was. They’d reply by the next day at the latest with the URL.

One thing to note: book reviews may not show up until the end of the tour. The Book Feature will show up on the day scheduled for the review — that’s your cue that a review is being written and will be posted later. Some reviews appear on Goodreads, some on Amazon, and some on both. The book club ones follow a short question-and-answer format. The individual ones vary with the blogger’s style. I was really pleased with the number of reviews I received (even if some had spoilers, oy!). Between March 7 and 25, twenty-one new text reviews were posted on Goodreads, five new text reviews on, and one new one on Of course, being a Canadian author with a book set in a Canadian city, one cannot expect any Canadians to review it! Ahem.

And so after all that, I had great reviews, plenty of buzz about She, and very, very few new sales. Oh well. I think I’ll do another Goodreads giveaway anyway.


#TwitterView with @ShireenJ on Concussion Is Brain Injury

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At the end of my first week of my Orangeberry Book Tour for Concussion Is Brain Injury comes a #TwitterView, short for a Twitter interview. This is my third one, and I’m getting to be an old hand at this — or so I think until I see the first question. Oy!

As I write this, I’m mid-answering the questions as they appear on my Twitter timeline. But no need to go searching for my answers on my timeline. For your convenience, I’ve created the widget below where you can see all the questions and my answers all at once, beginning with my first #TwitterView!


Orangeberry Book Tours for She and Concussion Is Brain Injury

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As of Monday, I have two book tours running. Ack! One for my first novel She, and one for my latest book Concussion Is Brain Injury.

Loved the forest scene. Was dark and eerie. Felt like you were right there in the car with them.” (Melody Armstrong on Goodreads)

The one for She has been running a couple of weeks now, and so the book reviews are starting to come in. Some are done through book clubs, and they have a question and answer format. From what I can ascertain, the reader/reviewer of my book picks four questions from a list I assume their book club gives them, and they give brief answers. Then they attach a star rating to it. A few do, ahem, give away a few details. So if you like being kept fully in suspense, skip those. But if you’re the kind of reader who wants to know everything before you dive in, go over to my Goodreads page for She and check out the reviews!

At a glance, you think you are indulging in a fantasy read but as you go deeper into the story, you see the other side of the story which is how to make a come back after tragedy has struck. This is where the story becomes interesting.” (Vicky Smith on Amazon)

There are also a couple of new reviews on Amazon’s US site. They’re either straight reviews or in the book club question-and-answer format. It’s too bad Amazon doesn’t propagate reviews across all their sites — as a reader, I may want to buy from Amazon Canada but have to go to Amazon US first to read any reviews, skipping over the one-star reviews as they’re usually idiotic.

When did you first know you could be a writer? I didn’t consider writing a career for me until…” (From interview on Bits ‘n Bobs on Books)

Some of the reviews appear on individual blogs too. Bits ‘n Bobs on Books published a review (tiny spoiler alert: main character name reveal), author interview, and book feature this week. I also continue to have Book Features, the latest on The Reading Cat and Lonely Heart Reviews, and guest posts, the latest on How to Write by the Seat of your Pants on Lonely Heart Reviews.

I want readers to know that concussion is a brain injury, a serious injury.” (From interview on Mommy Adventures with Ravina)

Meanwhile, my book tour of Concussion Is Brain Injury begins with a book feature on Peace from Pieces and an Author Interview on Mommy Adventures with Ravina (which is also holding a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card for the next 10 days).


Orangeberry Virtual Book Tour for She, Week Two

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My novel She continues to make its merry way around the world, hopping onto first American then UK blogs. This past week, it appeared on Brainy Book Reads, eInk Reviews, and High Class Books. All three posted a Book Feature; Brainy Book Reads and High Class Books an interview with me; and eInk Reviews my guest post on why book covers are (still) important.

Brainy Book Reads wants to know first who my publisher is, then why I chose to write this particular book.

All my fiction book ideas just come to me, like mist rising up, taking form, and knocking me on my head, demanding my attention.

Meanwhile High Class Books gets right to the important question: what’s my favourite food?


Friday, @OBBookTours and @kybunnies are sending out a Twitter Blast. Saturday, Dreaming in the Pages has a Book Feature and $50 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash giveaway till end of March. Sunday, Next Big Book Thing also has a Book Feature. Book reviews and more questions for me are to come in the following days.


Virtual Book Tour: Ten Writer Tips on Author’s Friend and a Review

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Today I have three events for my Orangeberry Book Tour!

First up, a guest post on Author’s Friend.  I offer ten tips on becoming a better writer, and I throw in a bonus tip too.

Even if [writing] comes naturally, spilling out like a thunderous waterfall, there are things you can do to make that waterfall of prose better.

Check out my ten tips on just how to make that waterfall of prose better on Author’s Friend.

Next is a new book review on She. Four of five stars!

Does reading this book change the way you think? In more ways than one.

Read the entire review on Author’s Friend or on and Goodreads.

And the last event is the Orangeberry Pick of the Week and Sidebar exposure.


An Author Interview on Blog-A-Licious Authors and a #TwitterView

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My Orangeberry blog tour continues. This weekend is a quickie author interview, my second one, and a #TwitterView, round 2. But just because the events are the same genre, doesn’t mean the questions and answers are the same!

Blog-A-Licious Authors asks such questions as, “What genre are you most comfortable writing?” Regular readers of my books will know that would’ve been a tad hard for me to answer. Check it out to see what I came up with!

The one I most enjoyed writing was a time travel novel

The interview with Orangeberry Book Tours on Twitter or #TwitterView will be lasting throughout this day. I’ve posted a widget below so you can see my answers so far:


Virtual Book Tour: Author Interview

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My Orangeberry virtual book tour for my first novel She is in full swing. Next stop: author interview on Mommy Adventures. Read my answers to such questions as what’s my fave food and how has my upbringing influenced my writing.

Writing was just unadulterated fun.

One of the nice things about a virtual tour is that when the event is over, it remains. For those who wish to check it out, you can still visit my book feature on Peace from Pieces or read my #TwitterView.