Orangeberry Virtual Book Tour for She, Week Two

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My novel She continues to make its merry way around the world, hopping onto first American then UK blogs. This past week, it appeared on Brainy Book Reads, eInk Reviews, and High Class Books. All three posted a Book Feature; Brainy Book Reads and High Class Books an interview with me; and eInk Reviews my guest post on why book covers are (still) important.

Brainy Book Reads wants to know first who my publisher is, then why I chose to write this particular book.

All my fiction book ideas just come to me, like mist rising up, taking form, and knocking me on my head, demanding my attention.

Meanwhile High Class Books gets right to the important question: what’s my favourite food?


Friday, @OBBookTours and @kybunnies are sending out a Twitter Blast. Saturday, Dreaming in the Pages has a Book Feature and $50 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash giveaway till end of March. Sunday, Next Big Book Thing also has a Book Feature. Book reviews and more questions for me are to come in the following days.

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