A Medical Vacation, A Writing Avocation

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Vacation time! Well, okay, not a vacation where you go off and lie on a beach somewhere, more a vacation from something: medical appointments!!!

My final two brain biofeedback appointments went well. People in real life saw a sudden change in my sense of humour and were amazed by it. I saw a small change in my reading, and given how long and arduous the road has been to improve my reading (perceiving, processing, understanding, integrating, learning), small is exciting.

I do have to have a 19-point EEG assessment during March, but at least it will provide information on the current injury and PTSD effects on my brain.

My pain levels have been going down steadily over the last few months; still my muscles will miss my regular appointments with my certified athletic therapist. But the two men who’ve worked on straightening my neck and back, mobilizing my hip and leg muscles, have gotten me to a good place so that I will be okay. I will, really…truly! The doctors I won't miss. Although I like and respect all the doctors I continue to see frequently or not much, I have seen so many doctors, good and bad, in the last thirteen years, I am heartily sick of it. I would love a permanent vacation from going to any hospital or doctor’s office or clinic. But a month will have to do (actually, looking at the calendar, it’ll be five weeks) and it will be enough. Then I'll be ready to get back to work, brain-injury-recovery work, that is.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy being able to focus solely on revising already written novels and plotting and writing new ones.

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