Gamma Brainwave Biofeedback: Reading Progress

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Reading is such a complex process, there’s so much to learn! Two weeks ago, the gamma brain biofeedback protocol was changed again. So now after the three-minute assessment and five-minute heart-rate variability screen (aka deep breathing in sync with heart rate cycle), I now do one gamma feedback screen. We work on enhancing my gamma brainwaves while decreasing my theta-alpha (thalpha, for short) 3-10 Hz brainwaves and muscle tension or EMG of 52-58 Hz. The second feedback screen though is slightly different. My trainer replaced the EMG bar with busy brain, that is, 21-35 Hz brainwaves. That is followed by a screen in which all I do is try to increase my alpha waves, 8-11 Hz, above the threshold, which is set to 6. Then comes five minutes of reading either Antipodes of the Mind or a paper on the brain-gut axis on my Kindle Paperwhite and ten minutes of SMIRB, though sometimes if I don't want to write about my troubles and want to increase my gamma, I’ll write on ideas I have instead. Cheating, I know. But sometimes I just wanna do what I want. Fighting, working for my health gets so damn tedious sometimes.

Anyway, not only has this regimen suddenly started increasing the power of my gamma brainwaves, it has also given me back my creativity where it was last year (was not happy about suppressing my alpha of 8-10 in the thalpha range) and is starting to get things to go click, click, click in my mind as I read, as things begin to connect in my mind. It is not only seeing more of the big picture, it's also active thinking and being patient enough to allow recognized words, words I knew before my brain injury, to sink into my mind until I understand them again. It is rewarding more than frustrating as reading has been for way too long.

Now I hope this translates to when I read unhooked up to the computer.

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