Gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE Week Two Progress

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First two weeks of gamma audiovisual entrainment on reading and heart rate. Reading trending up; heart rate trending down.

Week one of gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE (audiovisual entrainment) a good start to my single-subject study to see if AVE can replace gamma-brainwave training via brain biofeedback during COVID-19. Week Two:

Looks like reading is improving, morning heart rate dropping, but no change in sleep.
Didn’t write as much in week two as week one. Makes sense in that I had posts to write about setting up the study and the study itself. I’m impressed that I kept creating images for six days out of the seven, and reading for all seven days.
Note: heart rate is trending down over the first two weeks but only ever so slightly. Reading becoming stable.
Note: Over the two weeks, image creation becoming stable (yes, I know, early days yet!). Anxiety seems to be trending down. Vigilance statistical trend line up, but the actual trend from the daily recording seems uncertain.
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