Gamma 38 to 42Hz AVE Week One Progress

Shows reading as minutes in colums; heart rate as beats per minute and sleep in hours as line graphs. Trend line for reading goes down; for heart rate goes down; and sleep remains about the same. Read on every gamma day and on only one non-gamma day.
Notes: Book reading on every day did gamma AVE, whether in the morning or after, but only one non-gamma day. Sleep unaffected.
Shows anxiety and vigilance as line graphs. Anxiety trends down. Vigilance up because on second no-gamma day, vigilance rose. Shows number of writing posts and images as columns. Images on every gamma day; writing on two gamma days and one non-gamma day.
Note: Wrote posts and created images on every gamma AVE day, but wrote on only one non-gamma day. Vigilance starts off low because my earlier experimentation with various gamma AVE sessions had dropped it, and it hadn’t really gone back up until second no-gamma day.

For Vigilance and Anxiety:
1 = Significant improvement
2 = Mild improvement
3 = Not distinguishable from pre-gamma AVE norm

See my post Gamma 38 to 42Hz Audiovisual Entrainment for Brain Injury, Single Subject Study for hypothesis and methodology of this one-month study to see if gamma brainwave audiovisual entrainment will improve functionality and decrease anxiety and vigilance during COVID-19.

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