My Brain Needs a Challenge

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What bores you?

I think my mother got real fed up with my, “I’m booooorrrrred,” growing up. Decades later, my brain trainer discovered the problem with me and boredom.

Normally, as I understand it, they set the neurofeedback parameters to challenge the brain but not too much. When it’s too challenging, the client can’t do the brain work.

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But me, I’m the opposite. When they set it to normal difficulty level, my brain goes, “I’m boooorrrred. Not gonna work.” And the brain training doesn’t work. The more they challenge, the better I do (up to a point, of course, even I check out when it gets ridiculously difficult).

This is why neurostimulation treatments for brain injury is the epitome of individualized medicine. Individualized means that clinical experience over time with many clients is how to build up standards. Randomly controlled trials is only a starting point; the real research comes in the clinic. And after much clinical research experience, practitioners like Dr. Lynda Thompson have developed standards to follow, but they know to be prepared to vary it for each client. Else they may end up with one, bored client like me.

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