Coffee and Snow

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What is your favourite drink?

I’m spending way too much time on tracking my power usage. After all, isn’t the point of going green to save power and money while being more comfortable? And how can you know you’re saving without tracking?

Unlike other parts of the globe, we here in Toronto have one set of data for hydro, another for solar, another for our home temps. Instead of having one nice chart to look at, we have to mash all that data together to create our own charts. And of course, each entity uses different time intervals. Commence deleting excess time rows in the spreadsheets! Gah, I’m tired!

Then there’s trying to figure out why my power consumption rises with the sunny sun sun but not with cloudy sun-neglected days. Isn’t the sun supposed to provide some heat to supplement one’s furnace or heat pump?

So today, I’m taking a break with a Dalgona coffee variation. Maple syrup instead of sugar. Whipped milk. And my own pour over coffee using Balzac’s Winter Blend. Not bad. But still prefer a French vanilla hazelnut foamy coffee drink from a place downtown.

The photo is a memory from 2019, my first cardamom coffee from Hailed Coffee in Toronto, hailed by BlogTO. So I had to check it out. The question at the top is part of the new Jetpack app. They provide a daily prompt to power a blogger’s writing.

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