Gamma 38 to 42Hz Week Three Progress

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Anxiety trending down over three weeks of gamma audiovisual entrainment.

Fatigue walloped me in week three. I struggled with it, and it prevented me from doing what I had the initiation (from gamma) and plans to do. This kind of setback is normal for my brain injury. Any time I think I’m getting somewhere, fatigue rises up like a monster, claws extended, and lands on me, sinking into my chest, sinking my chest into my breath.

Despite this setback, when I had energy, I did much better with my reading than in previous weeks.

Week three chart showing heart rate trending up and reading also trending up, and reading every day but the one no gamma day between two sets of two gamma days.
Note: you can see when I particularly struggled with fatigue on the days when my heart rate was up and my reading down. The sleep app update also stressed me out as I was trying to get it to read my heart rate. Not good for research when tech no work.
Note: fatigue hit my writing particularly hard. I was only able to write two posts. Even so, my anxiety improved. A good sign.
Note: Over the three weeks, you can see fatigue affected my heart rate, didn’t seem to affect sleep much (as up and down as usual), yet despite setbacks on individual days, my reading time continued to increase.
Chart showing weeks 1 to 3 of gamma AVE, with decreasing anxiety, slightly increasing vigilance, and spotty writing and image creation.
Note: That’s pretty good, the trend line down for anxiety. Vigilance seems to be trending up slightly. That may be because my experimenting with gamma had decreased it substantially, so in a way it has nowhere to go but flat or up. Writing is spotty and a bit disappointing. Image creation which was pretty much stalled before gamma training is going well, even happening on a couple of no-gamma days.
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