Self-Help Book Release Day on the Occasion of My Birthday!

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Release Day is here! Combatting loneliness that accompanies brain injury is a silent battle but not impossible to conquer.

Book Release Day is Wednesday, November 16, 2022!! This is the self-help book that people with brain injury have been dreaming of. And what better day to release the paperback version than on the occasion of my birthday? I’ve lived this book for 22 years and 11 months. Why not celebrate both the day of my biological birth with the written experience of my brain injury birth!

A path to healing is possible with an honest approach

The reason I was able to map a road towards treating my neurons and healing my reading and grief was because I ditched the inspirational status quo messages and stayed in the truth of brain injury. You can’t begin to heal until you get honest about your condition and your desire to return to health. This book helps you counter the euphemisms and falsehoods to live in the truth and so follow a map to your own healing.

Release Day Marks Another Milestone!

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“A passionate advocate for patients.”

Self-Publishing Review

It’s been a healing journey for me writing Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief: How to Heal When You Are Alone. I reflected on my memoir and brain injury website and realized we with brain injury needed more. We needed a guide to healing brain injury grief.

Let this self-help book be your guide in your aloneness. With this brilliant and compassionate map, you will be able to step onto the road to reclaiming your life and healing emotionally. Offer it as a gift to a person you know is struggling. Ask for it at your local library. Order it through your local bookstore. And when you receive your copy, find a comfortable chair and hope in this book.

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