Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief: The Paperback Cometh!

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Close up view of the cover title of Brain Injury Trauma and Grief

Less than a week until the official release of the paperback of Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief! It’s the self-help book for people with brain injury alone and suffering.

“Welcome to the world of brain injury, an unimaginable world. A world you and I don’t want to be in. And definitely not alone in it! I used to ask myself, “How on earth did this happen?! This isn’t the future I envisioned!” How many times have we heard about self- fulfilling prophecies and needing to visualize the future we want? I’ve lost count. It’s so frustrating because I certainly didn’t prophesy brain injury. After brain injury, you might as well visualize teleporting onto the Enterprise deck with Captain Kirk, for all visualizing doesn’t work.”

And so I begin my self-help book. Honesty and hope mark my opening welcome, as they do the whole book. Don’t we all need to have honesty and hope? Papering over just confuses and pisses people off. People walking away scatters hope. So I wanted to be above all honest and provide Action Plans to nourish the tiny seed of hope.

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