Hey Docs! Innovate Long COVID Care!!

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qEEG and neurostimulation have improved the lives of people with brain injury. It’s time to study it for the treatment of people living with long COVID.

While clinics and docs “innovate” medicine for Long COVID by bringing back 1980s’ methods for blood pressure instability*, I’ve been looking and asking around about 21st medicine.

We’ve progressed from pills and surgery to modulating the nervous system.

I wrote on Dr Kahn’s recommendations for using low-intensity laser therapy for COVID-19 and my experience awhile ago. I recently researched again and discovered some are using other kinds of neurostimulation for ICU COVID-19 patients with good results. And another group is using a method I made part of my hypothalamus fix, using a device specific for stimulating the vagus nerve, to treat Long COVID.

Unfortunately, there’s still not much published research. I say published because publishing takes years and money, but clinics are already using various neurostimulation and neuromodulation therapies with good results. I learnt from one discussion that people are finding these therapies through desperate googling. If doctors referred or learnt how instead, there’d be a greater pool to draw from to do research.

Screenshot of Psychology Today Post on qEEG and neurostimulation for COVID-19 and long COVID.

My October Psychology Today post was on what research has been done, their results, and the dire Long COVID stats that demand we cure, else watch China stay productive with a healthy population while we tank into unsupported disability.

Yeah, Canada doesn’t support its population with disabilities — half poverty line income support, deliberate exclusion from programs to help everyone else, a stream of health care and community care cuts, and a fast track to death as “health” care. Man, we are such a fucked up country.

Anyway take a gander at where hope is and the interesting qEEG patterns one group found.

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Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

*I know the way they’re treating low or unstable blood pressure is from the 1980s (maybe earlier!) because that’s how I was treated. By 1990, they’d progressed to medications instead of invasive methods. In this century, I found neuromodulation effective in settling my heart rate and yo-yoing blood pressure from brain injury, so it would probably have helped me with my very low BP pre-injury. So why aren’t docs using it, especially since home devices would give patients immediate relief and agency in their self-care? It’s not for lack of research and clinical experience. If they say it is, it’s because they’ve spent no time looking and talking with colleagues who’ve learnt how to use photobiomodulation therapy.

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