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I was watching my favourite weather forecaster awhile ago and was slow to turn off the TV after it. Ever since the complete cock-up media did of the Ontario election, focusing on polls instead of literal life-and-death policies (which, of course they’ve now noticed, too late to avoid Ford fucking our democracy so he can rule Toronto and, worse than Harris, disabling and killing tens of thousands…) Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I refuse to watch the media who betrayed the electorate, ignored its duty to inform us, and didn’t hold governments to account during the election.

But, as I said, I was slow to turn it off after the weather. And on came a report about Ford fucking up Toronto with his horrendous strong Mayor reform. It became obvious in 2018, moment he took power that he realized that he can run Toronto by becoming Premier. The Supreme Court of Canada aided and abetted his hijacking of the city’s local election by saying him cutting number of Councillors mid-election didn’t interfere with democracy. The perfect example of rationalizing the indefensible. Now, he’s expanding his hold on the city. The idea is he controls the Mayor so that at last he can run Toronto his way. Isn’t that fun? One man makes all our decisions on how we get to live! Father Ford or Father Mayor knows best, eh? He’s giving himself American-style Presidential veto power because their republic style of government works so well. Insert rolling eyes.

I switched off hurriedly and hustled back to my PC to edit another section of my self-help book for brain injury, trauma, and grief. I’m using an AI software called ProWritingAid. It integrates with Scrivener and I remembered how to use it after months of not. My brain really is improving! My docs noticed too: clearer and slightly optimistic, more upbeat. I find editing puts me back in a familiar place, changes anger to satisfaction. Makes me feel like while modern warlords destroy the planet in pursuit of power, I can produce and create something in my own small corner.

I’m now, as of today, moving on to using Affinity Publisher to design the interior of my book. I have a deadline of August 31st to get the free upload to IngramSpark! I’m hoping to publish Brain Injury, Trauma, and Grief: How to Heal When You Are Alone in September.

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