Why Should Health Care Professionals Use Neurostimulation?

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Why are neurostimulation techniques not adopted widely, given how effective they are? I believe it comes down to trust, anxiety, and being overburdened.

I want to talk today about why it’s important for health care professionals of all kinds to learn about and use audiovisual entrainment (AVE) and cranioelectrical stimulation (CES) in their practices.

I and others have received pushback that professionals don’t have time, they’re busy, and that it’ll take hours and hours. I find this puzzling given that anyone who has a licence to practice in their field has to have been a natural learner in order to survive the long road to receiving it; furthermore, all licenced professionals must take educational credits every year in order to maintain their licence. Professionals know that in order to serve their clients or patients well, they must learn new information in the field and update their practice regularly. Why then would they find learning about neurostimulation techniques so anathema?

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