Third SMR/Gamma Mind Alive Session

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This morning, my body entered deep relaxation for a few minutes during my usual SMR/Beta audiovisual entrainment session. That normally doesn’t happen. Huh. Does this change support my theory of gamma brainwaves I posited in my book Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me?

My brain is settling down into this new audiovisual entrainment. No more woozy when it starts or, today, if I open my eyes briefly to check the lights are on — yup, they’re on. I didn’t inadvertently turn them off again!

The transitions from my mental and physical states to calm to deep relaxation are now seamless. Every time I go deeper, my awareness wakes up and expands, which must be happening during gamma portions of this session. But in between, for the first time, I fall asleep for seconds. I can tell because I come to realizing what I’d been thinking was really nonsense dreams, which vanish like a morning mist.

I didn’t have happy gamma this time. But annoyances were gone from my mind, unable to be retrieved. This is a good thing because part of the problem of busy brain after brain injury is the propensity to bring back into consciousness something that had been bothering you. It’s like you’ve forgotten it, then a little twitch of a curtain to reveal a sliver of the annoyance and, BOOM, your hamster wheel is back in full spin. My busy brain had become a slow, not-as-frequent spinner, but these last few months with the exhaustion, the sudden switch in my head flipping to “I’m not dealing with lies about and to me anymore,” and now this SARSCoV2 virus, I need to guard against it worsening. The fact that this SMR/gamma session creates a protective shield for a few hours at least, is heartening. I’m glad I decided to get it and try it out.

These are the three gamma sessions. From Mind Alive manual. I’m currently using the first one and will for a week.

I stupidly forgot my water. I waited for a few minutes after the end of session to drag myself up to get it. I am super tired as I write this about 25 minutes after the session ended. I was already tired and was hoping this session would energize me. So far, it’s improved my vision, open awareness, but not alertness. I should probably feed my brain. Hunger has walloped me like last two days after this session. Thirst, too.

Update 2:37pm: Fed, watered, alert. But still physically tire quickly.

Update 10:55am, 27 March 2020: Effects wore off about 9 hours post session, not too long before bed. Vigilance this morning, though, remains down from the extreme high that COVID-19 pandemic had thrust me into and I was still in before my first SMR/gamma AVE session. My neurodoc last night noted that I seem to be in a positive energy, meaning fatigued but sound good.

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Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

Update 12:40pm 28 March 2020: I forgot to do SMR/Gamma yesterday mostly because I felt good, had decent energy, and didn’t think about it as a result until late in the afternoon. I want to use it around 12:30-1:00pm as it gives energy and I don’t want it to disrupt my sleep by keeping me wide awake later into the night. However, my vigilance is back this morning. Can’t tear away from COVID-19 news again.

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