Fourth SMR/Gamma Audiovisual Entrainment Session with MindAlive DAVID Delight Pro

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Forgetting to use this new session one day teaches you a few things.

  • Back to being woozy again if open eyes or at the start.
  • It takes more than three sessions for my brain to adapt to the frequencies. This happens with every new session or brain biofeedback protocol at the ADD Centre — not the wooziness, per se, but my brain getting used to entrainment or training at a different frequency or frequency/location.
  • I may feel good on the day I forget, but not so much the day after. My vigilance returned with a vengeance this morning, and I couldn’t tear myself away from Twitter credible news and personal stories on suffering with COVID-19 and from the live daily briefings by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Public Health Officer of Canada Dr. Tam and her deputy.
  • Decent physical and cognitive energy doesn’t last more than a day after a few daily sessions, although the calmer mental energy-state seems to.
  • Gamma potentiation of the other sessions like SMR/Beta takes a few (two?) SMR/Gamma sessions to begin and lasts only one day. So happened yesterday but not today.
  • Happy gamma seems to happen only the first one or two sessions. Then disappears. Is that because the baseline rises such that the change in that aspect is no longer noticeable? Or what?
  • It is a weird feeling when deep hip pain meets induced deep muscle relaxation from the gamma entrainment. It’s like the entrainment is smoothing the stabbing ache into a mellow cloud, and the pain is struggling to come back. The pain won a few minutes after the end of the session, but perhaps, this session may help my pain over repeated uses.

My neurodoc told me what I know but SARSCoV2 engulfing the world also muffled that knowledge in me: I can’t forget to use this session as I experiment with it. I need to be conscious of frequency. I need to be disciplined. But I think he’s realizing I can’t on my own in the midst of a pandemic, in social isolation AGAIN.

We began discussing markers, and he cautioned not to have too many. So, so far, I’m thinking deep muscle relaxation, vigilance, morning heart rate, what he calls positive energy, which he’s noted even when exhaustion drowning me. Have to think more on this, maybe review what parameters I monitored when the ADD Centre and I researched gamma brainwave training in me and which I wrote up on in my book.

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