First Mind Alive Gamma Session

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With COVID-19 cancelling my brain biofeedback appointments at the ADD Centre plus having to miss the session just before lockdown because of exhaustion from participating in Brain Storm, I began to feel the absence of no gamma brainwave training. Fortunately, Mind Alive has added three gamma sessions to their DAVID Delight Pro and DAVID Delight Plus devices. I couldn’t get my unit updated because it’s a firmware update and in the midst of a crisis, no way they’d have me ship it to them nor could I do without it. So I ordered a refurbished DAVID Delight Pro, praying for God to send me the funds when my credit card due.

I tried the first session. Alternating gamma with SMR seemed the gentlest one to ease into. I turned on the radio because I needed the comforting company of a DJ and familiar music; put a cup of cranberry juice near me; lay down on the couch; and began.

DAVID Delight Pro with first gamma session light on

Whoosh. My body temp rose into my head and I felt hot and a little woozy. I reminded myself that training a new brainwave frequency at the ADD Centre can be like this. My neurons were like, WTF? You want us to work‽ Well, pfft! We prefer to be vibrating in tune to the chaos of SARSCoV19 fear. Well, humph, OK, we’ll get into harmony.

The heat settled down, and I felt happy gamma briefly. Then calm filled me within a very few minutes, maybe five. At some point, my muscles began to relax. More and more and more. Until I couldn’t move my limbs, they were so heavy with relaxation. Near the end, I became aware of my body from head to toe as one unit. I wasn’t aware anymore of just my arm or head but the whole all at once. That awareness began to expand beyond into the room, encompassing furniture and space. That didn’t stick. And then the session ended.

I couldn’t move, I was so heavily relaxed. I wasn’t sleepy even though my eyes mostly stayed closed. I needed a drink, and I was hungry. I had to move, dammit.

After a couple of minutes of expanding awareness and clearing perception — like when you defog a windshield — I moved enough to pick up my mug and drain it. Several minutes later, about ten, energy rose and urged me to leap up and eat! Also, felt happy.

I didn’t notice the changing from SMR to gamma and back, but that could be because I turned the audio and visual intensities down immediately to lowest I could. I’m very sensitive and the instant heat flooding my head decided me to put the intensities low. I did that, too, way back in 2005 when I got my first DAVID device.

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

Pretty good first session!

Update @ 6:28pm: I noticed about a half hour after end of session, my heightened vigilance was gone. Like gone gone. I had no more desire to check the news, check Twitter for latest or any info on COVID19. This has persisted for an hour so far. What a relief! (I am starting to watch the 6:30 national news as I write this. Maybe not a great idea. Doing it because coronavirus changes hour to hour. I’ll need to figure out a sane way to keep up.)

Forgot to mention: I began deep breathing when I started the session. I automatically do this with AVE (audiovisual entrainment). But my deep breathing became slower and slower automatically, which I don’t think it usually does. Will have to check on this with my other sessions when I do them.

Update 9:14pm: The upper mood effects disappeared after about 4 hours and calm went totally by 5 hours post. Vigilance and anxiety still low. All other effects remain.

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