Linking Can Be Amusing

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Beta is code for screwed up. One must remember that!

I decided to give’s Context Links (Beta) widget a try, thinking it’ll pick up my name or the title of my book. Ha! It picked up on Judy’s name first. Only problem was it went to “Judy Taylor” the author of Dudley Dormouse, a book so old that its cover isn’t even on the book’s page at Amazon. “University of Toronto” begets Ivory Tower Blues (hmmm… is there a message there?). And “Sid Smith” the bunker of a building we psych majors spent way too many hours in, begets a really, really old book about an American hostage. Now, that one is funny!

I’ve e-mailed Amazon for help. In the meantime, I’ll leave the Context Links up cause I’m just too tired to remove them. I’ll get back to it next week, and if they don’t improve, off they go into the virtual round file. (I wonder what they’ll link to in this post?)

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