In Indigo, and Amazon Shorts

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Time isn’t a smooth, linear line; it’s a logarithmic curve that crawls and then gathers steam, until that big day, once barely visible in the far distant future, rushes upon us all of a sudden.

Indigo at Bay and Bloor will stock Lifeliner: The Judy Taylor Story, starting on Tuesday, February 19 and ending 8 weeks later on April 14 or 15 (I don’t know the exact date) unless all of my wonderful readers spread the word to buy books steadily and in good numbers during that entire period. If sales are good and steady, then Indigo will continue to stock the book beyond the 8-week period, according to what I’ve been told anyway.

To honour the occasion, there will be a book signing at an intimate café in the Yorkville area. Details to follow!

In other news: I’m pleased to announce that my first short story Angelica is up and available on Amazon Shorts in digital format. This piece is entirely fictional — unlike Lifeliner, which is entirely non-fictional.

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