Reintroducing Compositionally Shireen with MailPoet

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Compositionally Shireen was the original title of my site’s subscription newsletter. As I continued to recover from brain injury, my idea for this website evolved. I renamed it to Mind Explorer. But then Bluesky, the friendly federated Twitter replacement, came along; I began to connect with writers again; some extolled Substack; and I thought that would be a better venue for my mind exploring.

But now I had two newsletters with that title. Argh!

I was also growing weary of this website’s newsletter design.

I’ve been using Feedblitz to power my newsletters for eons. So long ago, I can’t recall which year I started it. I remember it emerged out of Google abandoning FeedBurner (abandoning is something Google likes to do). But I’ve always found its design interface a little, uh, challenging. I needed something drag and drop and free.

Incoming! MailPoet!!

Screenshot of redesigned latest posts newsletter using MailPoet.

Well! It looked like the answer:

  • Easy to design and edit the newsletter that goes out to all my loyal subscribers.
  • A way nicer design that, I’m sure, my subscribers will appreciate…or their eyes will!
  • Decent management for my low needs.
  • And a chance to reintroduce my original subscription title: Compositionally Shireen.

What could go wrong?

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

Given my year and more of retrofitting going wrong, I shouldn’t have asked. Two weeks, one exhausted mind, one irritated me at the usual tech-sexism, and I’ve fixed MailPoet’s lousy db version and can edit my front page again. I’m sticking with MailPoet for now because I couldn’t find any other plugin that could do what MailPoet does for me. So, crossing fingers, I’m plunging into transitioning from Feedblitz to MailPoet.

Slide the pink line back and forth below to compare the current Feedblitz design on the left to the new MailPoet one on the right.

Left ImageRight Image

The Feedblitz-powered subscription newsletter goes out early Tuesday mornings. The MailPoet one on Thursdays at 1:00PM while I transition. I may later switch it to the Tuesday time slot. I hope you won’t receive both! But please be patient with me as duplicates may happen the first couple of weeks of transitioning.

I hope you like the redesigned newsletter!!

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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