The Ugly Truth of a Woman’s Concussion

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Psychology Today - Concussion Types

Concussion is ugly. The truth of it affects women in a distressing way, one that statistics, sports articles, and inspirational recovery stories don’t talk about. Let’s talk how skin care, makeup routines, facial beauty change for women after brain injury.

Older family physicians have a unique way of assessing recovery from a car crash — scrutinizing the face, observing how injury on the inside changes the outside. The ugly truth of concussion is it makes you ugly. Beauty returns with recovery. Oh sure, facial features at first don’t change. But take a look in the mirror right now. Check out your hair. Lustrous, maybe a few grey hairs your hairdresser will regularly touch up or hide. As you age, you may lose a few strands every decade or so. Check it out; look in your sink. Not many hairs in there, eh?

When you’ve had a concussion, that porcelain bowl can become a regular repository for handfuls of your gorgeous hair. How does one deal with this ugly truth…?

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