CTE: Mysterious Syndrome or Untreated Brain Injury?

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Screenshot of Psychology Today article on CTE
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Psychology Today - Concussion Types

Instead of studying CTE as a mystery syndrome divorced from untreated brain injury, let’s challenge assumptions that seeming recovery from concussion is real recovery.

The brain is the final frontier. Although much scientific research has been done toward trying to understand it, research funds haven’t kept up with basic research needs, and we have only taken the first small steps in exploring this grey-and-white miraculous organ.

Because there is so little factual knowledge in comparison to what is yet to be learned and because it will probably take decades before we truly begin to understand the brain, we need to apply logic and reason in our thinking about many aspects of brain function, brain injury, and CTE in order to start to make sense of the mysterious and in order to point the way to profitable paths of exploration. In the consideration of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, there seems to be a dearth of logic and reason.

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