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Piracy. Capricious review takedowns. Nasty lies in author wars. Real fans being drowned out by haters and unable to know if their money is going to their fave authors. This is the current state of selling books on the internet, particularly on the virtual bookstore that shall not be named.

Enter blockchain and a bright idea by Access Copyright to harness it.

Why not give fans a place to connect with their best-loved authors, a place where they know their money is going to the true copyright owner of the books they’re buying? Why not give authors certainty that their fans will be able to connect with them and not have to wade through lies and hatred to do so? Why not give fans the ability to recommend books to their family and friends and even applaud their favourite writers to encourage them to keep on writing books?

Enter Fanship!

When I was asked to join the working group to develop Fanship by Prescient Innovations, I leapt at the chance! Last month, it was in Beta. This month, I’m ready to announce you can find me and my books there, right now!!

Join today as a reader. Recommend my books prolifically to all and sundry! Rate and review them, too!

My Books on Fanship
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