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I’m pleased to tell you all I was interviewed for Lindamood-Bell radio, a weekly podcast about personal experiences with their courses, research on their methods, and education. Being a student with a brain injury, I wasn’t sure I’d regain my pre-concussion book reading. Lindamood-Bell not only evaluated me fully, unlike the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, they also extended the hope that intense instruction in visualizing and verbalizing would return my reading to me. Find out where I’m at by clicking over to listen!

Print screen of Lindamood-Bell radio podcast page of my interview.

My Interview

I haven’t had too many radio interviews, and this was my first podcast interview. I suggested using Jitsi when technical difficulties prevented the usual methods. Jitsi is so simple to use — while encrypted and private — that just clicking a link to get started can be perplexing! The interview flew by. Some of Dave’s questions made me think, and some of my answers surprised me. I didn’t expect to be so blunt, shall we say, near the end.

I’m gobsmacked and grateful that he posted pretty much the entire interview about what it’s like to lose reading, to lose hope in ever regaining it, to find hope again 18 years later, to discover the multiple benefits of online instruction, and to find new joy in reading an old book.

I hope you will give it a listen! And let me know what you think of this podcast in the comments below or on Twitter.

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