Seventh SMR/Gamma DAVID Delight Pro Session

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I had a very bad day yesterday. My neurodoc said it wasn’t a great assessment of SMR/gamma brainwave entrainment because when have something going in the opposite direction, it neutralizes its efficacy. Having deep relaxation was thus a bonus. And he’s seen this new session being beneficial to me so far, notwithstanding yesterday. This reminds me of when I began my hypothalamus fix: although it took me months to work it out and refine it, I knew within a week that it would help me big time.

Today, since I’m such a doubter, I tried to not deep breathe to see if it’s really gamma brainwave entrainment producing that effect. It was difficult to not deep breathe. The SMR/gamma session, unlike any of the others, induces deep breathing. But I rapidly acknowledged through the feeling of relaxation streaming down my limbs when the gamma portion started or soon after, that it’s gamma entrainment that does it. Also, unlike other sessions that calm, this one creates such deep relaxation that it’s hard to move. I guess it was easier yesterday because of my very bad day working against it. Today, my brain does now “understand” that I’m not pinned to the couch but my limbs were so heavy, was really hard to move them for minutes after. I lifted my head and upper chest and slowly moved my arms and hands to drink water then dropped back into the couch.

I noticed yesterday that during the gamma portion, my brain stopped trying to shut down the signals from my scarred eyeball. I’d noticed my panoramic vision solidifies during gamma brainwave biofeedback at the ADD Centre. It’s not surprising then happens during audiovisual entrainment; this effect may be why during and several hours after SMR/gamma my open awareness and perception widen.

My sleep last night was 1.5 hours shorter than the previous night but was solid (solid for me means no waking up for minutes or hours but does include microwakes and awareness for seconds).

About 20 minutes after end of session, my energy popped up in open awareness, happy gamma, and desire to get going. Limbs released.

The Clinical Director of the ADD Centre, Dr. Lynda Thompson, suggested the 40Hz gamma session would be best for me. I began using SMR/gamma as a way to ease into gamma sessions because my brain is used to SMR entrainment on its own or with beta brainwave entrainment. Now that I’ve decided to use SMR/gamma daily Monday to Saturday at about 12:30 to 1:00pm, I’ll finish this week with that one and start using the 40Hz one next Monday.

If you’re finding this single-subject study I’m doing with gamma brainwave training interesting, please consider supporting it through Patreon. Support, tangible and social, is so important in this COVID-19 pandemic time, and I hope this work will help many. Thank you for considering!!

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