Sixth SMR/Gamma AVE with DAVID Delight Pro

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Crappy start to the day with my governments still not providing aid packages and essential services like grocery delivery to people with disabilities. Why is it in times like these, governments and media still don’t give a fuck about people with disabilities? We number in the millions! But it’s like isolation troubles only healthy people, not the ones used to it because of the selfishness of an uninclusive society. Enough already! Then I got discombobulated by an unexpected call at the door so I began SMR/Gamma audiovisual entrainment session an hour later than intended.

I upped visual intensity by one like yesterday. Was OK with it. Deep relaxation as usual began fairly quickly. My brain seems to have figured out that this feeling isn’t being pinned to the couch but a deep level of muscle relaxation. So now I can move though body would rather stay put.

I slept better last night, woke up at 8:50 (!), and had more energy this morning once I got up after usual CES 100Hz and watching Live with Kelly and Ryan. Gotta have good, fun TV in the morning to get through times like these, AVE or no AVE.

About 10 minutes after end of session, happy gamma began to set in with a pop of energy. It’s like it said: time to get on with the day and, oh yeah, go inhale some food!

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