Brain Injury Pacing Tip for Teeth

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I swear there’s nothing more exhausting than brushing one’s teeth.

Toothpaste on toothbrush bristles

In the years following my brain injury, I struggled to remember to brush my teeth and to actually do the full monty when I remembered: brush, floss, gargle. In these covid-19 times, when worry about coronavirus hiding in toothbrush bristles, when fatigue worsens, it suddenly struck me that I don’t have to do the full monty all in one go. I don’t have to add to my exhaustion.

Brush. Then take a break.

Maybe after next snack or meal when energy rises a tad, floss.

Then after coffee or next snack or meal, gargle.

This is how to conserve energy. This is pacing that makes sense and keeps teeth clean. I don’t know how to do it at night when I’m desperate for bed, but perhaps for those with memory alarms tweaking the tooth brushing alarms (which I no longer need — brain injury treatment for the win) will help to space out each step. Imma gonna rely on my restored memory. Ahem. 

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