Chocolate Unexpected

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When you wander into a familiar café and see a completely new treat, it’s like the delight one feels when good news drops into your routine, when an out-of-the-blue opportunity disrupts your expectations of what comes next in your day, your week, your year and draws a grin across your face.

Hazelnut Chocolate Croissant from Neo

This croissant was a little dry until the centre where a lusciously smooth hazelnut chocolate cream hid out, moistening the surrounding pastry. It was a rare miss at this coffee shop, known for its perfect sweet pastries, but kind of represents my life where every good thing comes with an ash lining or is unbalanced once again with an out-of-the-blue ridiculous contretemps I thought I’d protected myself against happening. But nope. It thuds in, and its sole purpose is to suck my energy and drag my focus away from what benefits me or lifts me up.

I get kind of tired of it all. Why can’t the universe just let me enjoy good stuff without immediately throwing muck my way?

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