The Days That Test

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I think ongoing, never-ending family stress is retarding the effectiveness of the new tDCS stimulation and LORETA neurofeedback. On the other hand, even though I just wanted to sit on the subway train and read tweets in a zoned-out state, my brain (or mind, and what is the mind anyway?) let me do that for all of two minutes before forcing me to launch iA Writer app on my iPod Touch and blog as usual while the persons next to me got to read. (I’m seeing more paperbacks appearing in riders’ hands, especially male riders, but a proliferation of eReaders too. Maybe we’re becoming a reading town. On public transit anyway.)

This week, we upped the tDCS power to 2 mA*, but all else remained the same: five minutes at Wernicke’s area with me reading and my trainer trying to keep the tDCS sponge from slipping on my silky hair. (Reminds me of when my hairdresser told me of the litany of products she’d have to use to keep my “updo” in place on my wedding day, else with my silky hair, as soon as I stepped outside, it would all come down, like the proverbial Humpty Dumpty. I fell down anyway, just a few years late. And my ex never liked my hair anyway. Jerk.)

Betrayal is a gift that keeps on giving. I think without biofeedback this time around, I would’ve given up, the recent injurious effect on my motivation would’ve stopped me cold. Biofeedback and some very, very kind people on Twitter, that is. What I experienced this past weekend is the true incredible ability of social media: to connect people together so that they can lift each other up, support each other, encourage and root for each other. Anyway, gamma brain biofeedback keeps on going and astonishingly, though less so, still seems to be working, despite the events in my life striving to knock it back.

*Update: I really need to pay attention to the proper measurement amounts: milli-amperes or milliamps (mA) are not the same as full amperes or microamps!

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