Gamma Brainwave Biofeedback: A Small Summary

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Well, look at that: my muscle tension dropped. A lot. This in spite of my craptastic month continuing to roll along its craptastic way. And not only that, my heart rate also dropped. We’re back in the teens, even during the HRV screen (which ironically usually increases my heart rate). It's been too long since we last saw my muscle tension (EMG) below 2.0 and my heart rate below 120. Last week saw a big drop in heart rate to 118-120 from where it had climbed up the previous week to touch 140. This week, down to 115. Awesome. Too bad my HRV (heart rate variability) reflected the tsunami of stress that’s been inflicted on me, over which I have zero control.

Anywhoo. After only two minutes of tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation), the text I was reading sharpened like my lens had brought the letters into focus. And I did fairly well in gamma enhancement too. After the five minutes of weak-feeling Wernicke's area stimulation (no slight buzz and only a tiny fraction of the usual amount of prickling), we assessed my brain waves at PZ-O1, and my gamma/EMG ratio was over 1.0. Hot diggity dog! It went below 1.0 for the first two biofeedback screens, when I had a bit of trouble inhibiting 8-10 Hz, then went over again.

I think this may overall have been my best session yet all because of stimulating Wernicke’s area and because the stimulation zone probably bleeds into the PZ-O1 location, which location we know is associated with a beneficial effect on my heart. Even though the ADD Centre folk would like to move on to PZ, it's because of the effect on my heart at PZ-O1 that I'm loathe to move on. Still…maybe if stimulating Wernicke’s area has such a positive effect on my heart rate, maybe I can feel safe to move on to the next biofeedback site at PZ…

I've decided I've pretty much reached my limit with travelling to Mississauga for LORETA neurofeedback. Twenty sessions will be up end of August. I'll have the ten-minute assessment then I quit. Well, until they set it up in their Toronto office.

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