Review: Homicide Trinity

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Homicide Trinity
Homicide Trinity by Rex Stout

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The thing about Rex Stout’s writing is that it’s tight, matter-of-fact yet visually, auditorally, and smell-o-vision live. The characters are so strong it’s like they’re standing in front of you. By the time you finish your first Nero Wolfe mystery, you know Archie, Nero, Inspector Cramer, Fritz, and the principal clients as well as you know your own friends.

Homicide Trinity provides three short Wolfe mysteries. I like compilations of shorts by my favourite mystery authors; unfortunately, they’re harder to find than they used to be. They provide a quick immersion into a well-loved mystery series, reading them one at a time when you have only a few minutes to read — or so that’s the theory. However, these three stories were so compelling, I went right from the first into the second, barely pausing for a bite or breath. Whether you like mysteries or want to study how tight writing can succeed, check this one out from your library or buy it from your favourite bookstore. It’s worth the price.

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