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The Closers (Harry Bosch Series #11)The Closers by Michael Connelly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Harry Bosch is the hero of this mystery series that progresses in character development and personal plot points through time. But though this book is #11, which normally means feeling lost in this kind of series if you’re coming to it as a new reader (which I was), Michael Connelly draws Bosch with such detail and gives enough background info here and there in ways that feel natural — not the usual oh-yeah-here’s-where-I’ll-tell-you-the-backstory way — that Bosch comes alive as a 3D character, and you can follow along no prob. Sure there are nuances missed, but it doesn’t affect the overall appreciation of the book.

It is not an escapist read. It has emotion and action, suspense and tragedy. And ultimately justice. And so it is an engrossing read, and I like how Connelly wraps up all the loose ends, even the ones you may have forgotten about. Overall, a good read.

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