Last Day Lifeliner eBook on Sale!

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To finish the old year with a flourish, I have put Lifeliner on sale. Only $2.99! An inspirational story about a woman who suffered the catastrophic loss of all her bowels but whooped it up for another 20 years without eating a morsel, it is gripping readers all around the world. It will light up your New Year with Judy’s zest for life.

Click on the link, choose your preferred eBook format of choice, enter coupon code MS55X, and you’ll be immersed in this true life story in no time!

Or if you’re an Amazon buff, check out Lifeliner on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. Bonus: now you can lend your copy of Lifeliner to anyone with an eReader or iPad.

If you need help putting the eBook on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, see my previous posts at

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