A Big Script Frenzy Thank You to my Sponsors

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There’s nothing sweeter than an unexpected package in the mail other than an unexpected pledge after several dry days!

As you may know, I’m writing an adaptation of Lifeliner during the month of April for Script Frenzy. It’s a challenge to write a 100-page screenplay in only 30 days, but to up the ante, I also asked for sponsors for my writing marathon, sponsors whose donations would all go to Script Frenzy. That challenge is both motivating – can’t stop writing now! – and scary. I can’t believe I set a fundraising goal of $2,500 for The Office of Letters and Light, the nonprofit that hosts Script Frenzy, National Novel Writing Month, and youth writing programs in communities, libraries, and schools around the world. But I did, and it’s given my writing wings and sent a package to my door today.

This postcard is for all you amazing, wonderful, beautiful people who sponsored me, who donated your hard-earned monies to a worthy cause – Script Frenzy and the Young Writers Program – and, at the same time, said I believe in you:

Script Frenzy Donor Postcard Shireen Jeejeebhoy 2010-04-07

For those who’ve not yet sponsored me and would like to get in on this and help promote creativity around the world, please click this link.

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